Safety & Sustainability

Our Commitment

Through our values we strive to behave with integrity and do not cause harm to people, property, environment, and the communities around us. Our commitment to Health, Safety, and the Environment sets company standards for workplace health and safety, fair employment practices, environmental protection, and stewardship to safeguard work for the next generation.

Environmental Protection

Valaris is committed to protecting the environment and safeguarding where we work for the next generation. This includes reducing emissions, waste management and discharge as outlined in our Environmental Management System and by applicable laws and regulations. Our systematic approach identifies environmental hazards, evaluates the risk, and puts necessary controls in place to reduce risk. Our efforts and due diligences in environmental stewardship afford us the ability to provide responsible solutions that deliver energy to the world.


Valaris exemplifies a purpose and set of values that is focused on ethical behaviors, the protection of people, and minimizing our impact to the environment to provide/deliver responsible energy solutions to the world. A strategic focus on sustainable business practices along with our continuous improvement efforts propels us forward to safeguard and advance local communities, our customers and employees, and the environment.