Our diverse rig fleet of ultra-deepwater drillships, versatile semisubmersibles and modern shallow-water jackups is capable of meeting a wide spectrum of customers’ well program requirements. Our rig fleet is among the most technologically advanced in the industry and our well-trained crews perform at the highest levels in the most challenging offshore environments.

Jackups With the world’s largest jackup rig fleet, Valaris is well-suited for operations in the relative calm waters of the Middle East to the ultra-harsh environment of the North Sea. Our high-specification and HPHT-capable rigs empower our customers to explore the far reaches of the world’s shallow water basins.
Semisubmersibles Hybrid mooring technology on our semisubmersibles enables us to conduct drilling operations in depths of 1,500 to 10,000 feet. Our flexibility to offer moored or dynamically positioned semisubmersibles, allows us to deliver drilling solutions around the globe.
Drillships Ultra-deepwater drillships enable our clients to operate in water depths of up to 12,000 feet. Our industry-leading technologies allow Valaris to usher in a bold new era with drillship equipment packages comprising of dual or single BOPs and equipment configurations providing hook loads of up to 2.5 million pounds.
Managed Platforms Valaris brings its experience and proficiency in drilling operations, supply chain management and proven safety practices to manage operator-owned assets. Our proven record enables customers to focus on reservoir life cycle management while our crews manage drilling performance.